Buying a Used Camera

a used camera

Buying a Used Camera? Here’s What You Need to Know

Buying second-hand camera equipment can feel like a risk, but with many pro cameras getting replaced each year by new models the used market is full of previous generation gear. If you buy through a reputable dealer, they’ll typically offer a warranty or return policy too.

Look at the exterior, scuff marks and rubber grips should be expected, but check for heavier blemishes which can signal heavy use. The shutter count is also worth checking – higher counts suggest professional use.

Camera Body

The camera body is the portion of the camera that contains controls, the LCD screen and the internal image sensor. It’s also where the lenses attach, but it can be sold without a lens attached and is often offered as “camera body only.”

When buying used cameras, you want to make sure that all of the components are in good condition. A little bit of scuffing or scratching should be expected, but look closely for signs of heavy use. Scratches on the sensor should be avoided, as they will significantly impact your photos. Also check for fungus or mold on the inside of the camera. Sticky buttons can indicate residue beneath the surface and a problem with functioning, while corroded connection ports or lens mounts should be avoided at all costs.

Buying camera gear from a reputable dealer is typically a much safer option than purchasing from an individual or through Craigslist. Reputable dealers like WEX Photographic, KEH Camera and B&H Photo often offer some type of warranty or return policy on second-hand equipment.


A camera without a lens is pretty useless – the lens is what focuses light into an image on the film, DSLR or mirrorless sensor. A high-quality lens will turn a cheap camera into an excellent photo-making machine, while a low-quality one can make even the best DSLR or mirrorless camera produce sub-par images.

When looking at a used lens, it is important to examine the condition of the glass. Shine a bright light through the lens to check for scratches, dirt or fungus. Small dust spots or scratches are no big deal, but fungus or mold are definitely a red flag.

Also, pay close attention to the focus and zoom rings – they should offer some resistance and not be wobbly or loose. Finally, be sure to test the lens by mounting it on a camera body and taking pictures – this is how you will know whether or not the optical quality is still decent. 중고 카메라 렌즈

Memory Cards

Memory cards are small digital data storage devices that house non-volatile flash memory. These tiny cards can retain their stored information or data even after they’re removed from a camera, which makes them an excellent backup for any important images you may have shot.

The type of card your camera uses can impact how quickly it can capture and store pictures to it. The two key elements to consider when buying a card are write speed and read speed.

Newer cameras are capturing much larger files, which means you’ll need a faster card to keep up. The latest card standard, CFexpress (the merged successor to CFast and XQD) is currently being used by many high-end DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

This fast format offers a range of capacities from 32GB up to 2TB, with impressive read/write speeds and warranty levels. Industry stalwarts like SanDisk produce these cards, which are suitable for advanced photo enthusiasts and professionals, as well as for shooting 4K quality video.


Camera accessories aren’t just helpful, they can improve your workflow and enhance the artistic quality of your photos. From lens filters to camera tripods, there’s something for every type of photographer.

For example, a flashgun will give you consistent results, even with different lighting conditions. Likewise, a remote shutter release allows you to take photos without disturbing the camera. And, a camera backpack lets you carry your gear around with ease.

For the best deals, check out reputable used camera specialists such as KEH and Used Photo Pro. Both have extensive catalogs with photos for every product and offer a six-month warranty on G grade or better gear.

They also have a seven-day return window and free shipping on most items. Unlike eBay and MPB, KEH is an authorized dealer for Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc., which can be important if you need repairs or are an NPS member. MPB isn’t an authorized dealer, but does have a huge inventory and excellent prices. 카메라쇼핑몰

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